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About Mahendragarh

Mahendragarh, one of the main towns of the Mahendragarh district of Haryana is a tehsil in itself. This semi urban town is centrally located inside the district and is just at a distance of 115 kms away from Gurgaon city. This region falls under the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. Mahendragarh town has got its own Municipal Committee to look after the infrastructure and other public works.

About Mahendragarh
Birbal ka Chatta in Mahendragarh

History of Mahendragarh

Historically, Mahendragarh saw dawn of various dynasties. Earlier parts of the Punjab region and Mahendragarh town was then known as Kanaud. In 1526, Mughal emperor Babur invaded Central Asia and took over Kanaud along with the major part of India. Kanaud remained a part of Mughal empire and then was taken over by the British. Post Indian independence, the state of Haryana was formed and Kanaud became Mahendragarh town in 1948. The Mahendragarh district also took shape in the same year after compiling many princely states of this region. Later on Indian government divided the district administratively into 5 tehsils among which Mahendragarh became an important tehsil of this district.

Geography of Mahendragarh

The town of Mahendragarh is exactly located at 28.28° North and 76.15° East with an average elevation of 262 metre or 859 feet above the sea level. This town stretches over an area of 10.6 square kms and is bounded by Pali, Dhador, Sirohi Nangal and Akbarpur Nangal from all sides. It has a well connected network of roadways, which connect the place with all major towns of Haryana and other states including the district headquarters Narnaul. Bhiwani and Rohtak district of Haryana along with Rewari, Alwar and Jhunjhunu districts of Rajasthan are the neighbouring places of importance. A hot and semi arid weather prevails for almost the entire year in Mahendragarh. Excepting the monsoon season, temperature is generally above 30 degree Celsius in this part. The temperature ranges between 28 degree to 39 degree Celsius between March to June. April to June is the best time to avoid visiting this place. July and August witnesses the maximum rainfall of the year with precipitation reaching to around 13mm per month. Winters which stays from December to February, witnesses a very pleasant weather. Temperature falls to almost 7 degree Celsius at night, in the month of January. Due to the dry weather, one can witness good chills during this time.

Geography of Mahendragarh
Mahendragarh in Haryana

The soil condition over here is of a coarse loamy variety which is partially fertile. Due to the arid weather condition soil here has a high content of sand particles, which in turn makes agriculture a difficult option. Moreover, scanty rainfall over the years has made the ground water level deplete. River Dohan is the main river of the entire district and is rain-fed in nature. In spite of all the climatic problems, agriculture has remained as the main profession of most of the local population. The central government had come to the rescue while implementing a proper canal network under Jawaharlal Nehru Canal Command System. Rice, Wheat and Barley are the main crops of Maendragarh.

Demography of Mahendragarh

As per Census of India, 2011 there is a total population of approximately 29,128 inside the town of Mahendragarh. Of these male and female population is respectively, 53% and 47%. The average literacy rate of this town is about 67% which is higher than the overall literacy rate of India. The literacy rate of the male population is 76% while for female it is 57%. 14% of the total population of this town are under 6 years of age. This town along with the entire district is of Hindu dominance, the fraction is almost 98% of the total population. Hindi, Hariyanvi and Ahirwati are the main language spoken by the residents here.

Administration in Mahendragarh

The Mahendragarh district is administratively divided into three main sub-divisions, Narnaul, Mahendragarh and Kanina. At the helm is the District Commissioner or Magistrate who is responsible for all the entire development. For ease of administration, the entire district is also divided into 5 tehsils namely, Narnaul, Mahendragarh, Nangal Chaudhary, Ateli and Kanina. Each of the tehsils are under one Tehsildar, who looks after the revenue collection in the form of various taxes, look after proper land tax collection and issuing of ‘No Due’ certificate, help in PAN card and other identity card preparation for the residents, keep record of Stamp duty and many other government chores. All these information are then passed on to the District Magistrate department for record. The blocks are basically created taking all the neighbouring villages along with each main town. Each block has its Block Development and Panchayat Officer (BDPO), who are basically under the Panchayati System prevalent. Mahendragarh town has got both Tehsildar and BDPO to look after different aspects of administration. The town has got all basic utility services, public infrastructures and sanitation system to make the life of the locals wonderful.

Deputy Commissioner, Mahendragarh
Office: 01282-254000
Res: 01282-251202
Fax: 01282-251200

ADC, Mahendragarh
Office: 01282-251255
Res: 01282-251086

Supritendent of Police, Mahendragarh
Office: 01282-251022
Res: 01282-251122

Tourist Places in Mahendragarh

The town of Mahendragarh is not a place for tourism. There is hardly anything of interest present in this region other than few pious temples. The Shiva Temple of Bagot is one such place, located about 25 kms away from Mahendragarh town centre. This temple is popular for its Maha Shivaratri festival, when a huge fair is arranged and hundreds of devotees pay visit from all over Haryana. There are many historic tourist spots in and around Narnaul, located about 24.8 kms away from Mahendragarh town.

Economy of Mahendragarh

Due to the dry climatic condition with low water reserve, the future of agriculture is depressing with the production level falling every year. The state government is constantly helping this district along with other parts of Haryana with the formation of canals. Water is being channelized to the draught regions to help the poor residents with agricultural produce. Wheat, Barley, Rice, Maize etc. constitute of most of the cultivated land available. There is a market for livestock and poultry.

Profile of Mahendragarh

Mahendragarh is also rich in various mineral deposits. Lime Stone, Sandstone, Marble, Iron Ore, Feldspar Quartz, Slate Stone, Silica Sand and Calcite are the commonly found minerals present in this area. Unfortunately, most of these minerals have remained unexploited and has not contributed much to the economy’s growth. Some of the existing small manufacturing clusters are of Stone crushing and clustering and Brick kilning. As of data collated in 2012, there are about 155 registered Stone Crushing units in operation, with a daily turnover of 8400 tonnes. There are around 105 Brick Kilns which gives an output of 700 ghorie per day. These units employ more than 10000 people of the town and neighbouring villages. The government is currently trying to promote an industrial area of 102 hectares at Mahendragarh town, by giving SEZ facility to the willing companies.

Healthcare Services in Mahendragarh

Healthcare in Mahendragarh town needs a lot of push from both government and private sectors. Development in this area is not up to the mark and poor people are still dependent on the Zilla Hospital present in Narnaul town. There are few private nursing homes and clinics who offer advanced medical treatments to the patients. Present. Well stocked medical stores are also in operation to support the medical facilities of the town. A lot of aid is provided by the state government health department for proper healthcare facilities in the district. Moreover, Mahendragarh is popular for the presence of various medicinal plants especially, Guggul (Commiphora wightii). Thus there is a market for alternate medicines and many ayurvedic shops are present over here. The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment Haryana, formulated many welfare programs for the local residents. These programs offer free medical camps, blood camps and portable diagnostic centres for the people of the neighbouring backward villages of Mahendragarh. Some of the well known hospitals and nursing homes of this town are as mentioned below:

Ganga Devi Pandey Eye Hospital
Address: Pandit Deen Dayal Marg, Near Boys College, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220453, +(91)-1285-221020
Website: www.gangadevi.org

Sukhram Hospital
Address: 1, Dadri Road, Near Flyover, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh – 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220615

Saumya Nursing Home
Address: Shastri Colony, Opp. Bus Stand, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-9215558182, +(91)-1285-220468

Sanjivani Hospital
Address: Ateli Manndi, Shop No-309, New Bus Stand, Mahendragarh - 123028

Koishik Hospital
Address: Near Mahendragarh Police Station, Cinema Road, Mahendragarh - 123029

Santra Devi Memorial Hospital
Address: Near Nager Palika Bazar, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029

Amrecian Teeth Hospital
Address: Near Bramdev Chowk, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029

Shiv Hospital
Address: Gosala Road, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029

Chemists in Mahendragarh

Jaipuriya Medical Store
Address: Near Bramdev Chowk, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220309

SOM Medical Hall
Address: Near Bramdev Chowk, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220468

Bhagwat Medical Store

Address: Near Bramdev Chowk, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220311

Mehta Medical Hall
Address: Shop No-1, Near Bramdev Chowk, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-9416063663, +(91)-1285-220048

Banks in Mahendragarh

Banks in MahendragarhBanks are the most important financial intermediary of any economy. Access to a banking account is a priority nowadays in any major city or a small town or even a village. Mahendragarh town offers an array of bank branches both national and private for the residents of this area. The list below consists of all the main bank branches present inside the town with their contact details:

Kotak Mahindra Bank
Address: 19/1 Anaj Mandi, SDM Road, Mahendragarh, Haryana - 123 029
Phone: (01285) 22250/51
Website: www.kotak.com
IFSC Code: KKBK0000292
MICR Code: 123485202

Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)
Address: Opp. I.T.I., Mahedergarh, Haryana- 123029
Phone: (01285) 220571
Website: www.obcindia.co.in
IFSC Code: ORBC0100742

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Address: Moti Cinema, Mohindergarh, Haryana 123029
Phone: 01285-220328, 222700
IFSC Code: PUNB0250800
MICR Code: 123024202

State Bank Of India (SBI)
Address: Dist Mahendragarh, Haryana 123029
Phone: (01285) 408625, 01285-220253; 221453; 222709
Website: www.sbi.co.in
IFSC Code: SBIN0004946
MICR Code: 123002031

State Bank of Patiala
Address: Opp Police Station, Mahendragarh- 123029
Phone: 01285-220239
IFSC Code: STBP0000105
MICR Code: 123007202

Corporation Bank
Address: B - 9/13, Railway Road, Opp. Vodafone Phone Mini Store, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: 01285-222187-8-9
IFSC Code: CORP0001264
MICR Code: 123017102

Central Bank Of India
Address: Opp: DSP Office, Railway Road Mahendragarh - 123001
Phone: 01285 - 222900
IFSC Code: CBIN0283569

Gurgaon Gramin bank
Address: Post Office: Mahendragarh, Shopping Complex, District-Mahendragarh, Pincode-123029
Phone: 01285-221428
IFSC Code: GGBK0001222
MICR Code: 123842202

Canara Bank
Address: Near Petrol Bunk, Dadri Road, Mahendragarh- 123029
Phone: 01285-221551
IFSC Code: CNRB0003225
MICR Code: 123015202

Address: Anaaj Mandi, Near SDM Residence, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: 09996243333
IFSC Code: HDFC0001729
MICR Code: 123240202

Bank Of India (BOI)
Address: Ground Floor, Sunariya Royal Palace, Near Rao Tula Ram Chowk, Dadri Road, Ward No. 2, Mahendragarh -123029
Phone: 09728245024
IFSC Code: BKID0006738

Address: Plot No.9, Near Bus Stand, Opp. Huda Park, Shastri Colony, Mahendragarh - 123029
IFSC Code: ICIC0002195
MICR Code: 123229102

UCO Bank
Address: Opp. Canara Bank, Dadri Road, Mahendragarh- 123029
Phone: 08053704758
IFSC Code: UCBA0003004

Shopping in Mahendragarh

Mahendragarh town is not a perfect shopping destination. There is nothing special that one can find in this area. The town has stores and showrooms for the essential and urban life amenities. There are good apparel stores, jewellery showrooms, furniture stores, electronic goods showrooms etc at different parts of the town. Ateli Mandi and Nizampur road are some of the popular shopping destinations generally flocked by customers.

Utility Services in Mahendragarh

Information on Mahendragarh
Utility Services

Mahendragarh offers various utility and essential services to the residents, which are required in our day to day life. There is no post office present in this town. Only a delivery centre is present which is responsible for any postal collection and delivery. All the documents are being sent the head post office in Narnaul. Madhur Courier Service is the only local courier present. All national courier services are available in the district head quarter. The main petrol pump of this area is Shahid Naresh Kumar Pump which is on the main Mahendragarh road. Many other petrol pumps are available on the Narnaul road and the central town of Narnaul. The entire tehsil is under the administration of DSP Mahendragarh, who is responsible for maintenance of law and order. Apart from these, all kinds of provision stores and markets are available in this region that is helping local residents with a pleasant lifestyle.

Post Office
Address: Mahendragarh Town, Mahendergarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220222

V Locate Packers And Movers
Address: No.33, Gali No. 5, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone:+(91)-9341412275, 9991807833
Website: www.vlocatepackers.com

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Gali Chamunda Mandir, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-9416262071, +(91)-1285-252325
Website: www.madhurexpress.net

Restaurants in Mahendragarh

Being a small town, there are no specialised cuisine restaurants available. Like the other parts of Haryana, this is a “Land of Rotis”. Wheat, Gram, Barley are the main ingredients used in various roti forms and are served with ghee (clarified butter) and butter. Bajra Aloo Roti, Besan Masala Roti, Bhura Roti, Mithe Chawal, Kachri ki Sabzi are some of the delectable one can try over here. All food outlets big and small serve these local specialities. Shree Ram Restaurant, Ashok Restaurant, Savit Ram Restaurant are some of the renowned restaurants of this town. There are innumerable juice centres present along with sweet shops.

Savit Ram Restaurant
Address: Ateli Mandi, Rewadi Road, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123028
Phone: +(91)-1285-276600

Ashok Restaurant
Address: Ateli Mandi, Rewadi Road, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123028

Shree Ram Restaurant
Address: Near Sabji Mandi, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220625

Yadav Juice Parlour
Address: Opp: Sabji Mandi, Near Akash Garment, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-9466414683

Dhwaju Ram Tea Stall
Address: Near Tularam Chowk, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-9466864058

Babulal Tea Stall
Address: Near Tularam Chowk, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-9416573795

Mohan Juice Center
Address: Girl College, Mashani Road, Mahendragarh Town, Mahendragarh - 123029
Phone: +(91)-1285-220847

Transportation in Mahendragarh

There is a well laid network of roads that connect Mahendragarh with the rest of Haryana. Being a part of the National Capital Region (NCR) connectivity via bus and other transport medium is not a problem for this town. Hundreds of Haryana State Transport buses run everyday from Mahendragarh to Ajmer, Jaipur, Alwar, Hissar, Satnali, Rewari and Kota. Delhi and Chandigarh are about a distance of 138 kms and 338.3 kms respectively. NH8 and NH1 connect these main cities to this town. For daily passengers there is a railway station present in this town near the Karamchari Colony. Udaipur City Passenger (59723), Rewari-Digana Passenger (54809, 59725) and Hisar-Rewari Passenger (59726) are some of the daily passenger trains present here. Many express and super-fast trains also pass by this station. Hence travelling is just not a problem to Mahendragarh.

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